And our winner!

“We have had our bag since your first San Francisco Art Show….and we are not sure when that was…12 years ago? [Mimi’s note: most likely from the mid-90s] My husband has used it every weekend since we bought it for his Farmer’s Market Produce…so it has been extremely tested with heavy large melons and big bags of oranges. It is in perfect condition!

5 years ago, I started a children’s theater and used the bag twice a week to bring snacks and carry supplies for the classes. I loved the diversity of the faces on the bag…especially since our students are mostly minority. They all noticed the bag and loved it…and of course identify it with healthy snacks and come running when I arrive to see what’s inside! Last year, I completely appropriated the bag from my husband since it is so much a part of the children’s theater I use it every day.”

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Our runner up in the Long-lasting Promise contest!

Let me introduce you to Khadija Anderson, who won “runner up” in our long-lasting promise contest for her apron entry!  So glad to hear her apron is still going strong.

“I bought this Mimi The Sardine apron for my daughter when she was 3 years old sometime in 1999. She is 15 now and this apron was used at home by both her and her 7 year old sister. A

lso, I am a preschool teacher and the apron has also been used in most of my preschool classrooms between my daughters’ uses, so pretty much continually since 1999 until today! It’s a bit paint stained and lost its original string years ago along with getting cut with scissors on the right side but it is still going strong!”

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New bug lunch sacks!

Check out our lunchsacks in the bug pattern – too cute!

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Back to school Blog Mania deems Mimi the Sardine a hit!

Recently, we’ve gotten a flood of love from the blogging community, which is gearing up for back to school!

Our backpacks were called “the cutest backpack we’ve seen” in the 2010 EcoFabulous back-to-school guide.    BlogHer’s RookieMom said, “Cute patterns with eco-styling and details, the coated organic cotton backpacks from Mimi the Sardine are excellent for keeping lunches cool” in her “10 Great Backpacks for Back to School” post.

Our lunchbugs felt the love too, with DailyCandy dishing on our “adorable” waste-free lunchkit in their 12 School Lunche Boxes for Little Eaters postGagaGear says we’re “just the right size for your little one’s lunch or mobile snack.”  Beth picked our lunchbugs at VeryBloggy.  She commented on a phenomena in our homebase (where all our products are manufactured), the San Francisco Bay Area:

“At first I resisted the Mimi the Sardine Lunchbug because every single other kid in our neighborhood had one. I was hoping for something that would stick out in the crowd, for school purposes down the line. But, the more hunting and shopping and researching that I did, I figured out that every other parent was buying these bags because it turns out, they really are a great product.”

And last but not least, Tami luvs our lunchbugs on her blog too!

Good luck in your back-to-school gear hunting!

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Announcing our Long-lasting Promise Contest!

Hey Mimi fans,

We always take a coffee break at 11 am here at Mimi the Sardine, in the true Swedish tradition (CEO/founder/my mom is Swedish, and so is our fabric!).  We were talking about how long-lasting our products are – for instance, I work farmer’s markets, and see bags with 10-year-old prints still hauling flowers and fennel.  And so our latest contest was born!

We make a promise that our products are long-lasting, and wanted to prove that using our best source of testimonials and opinions – you!  The winner of this contest has the oldest Mimi product still in use.  We are trusting you to tell the truth.  Send in a photo of your Mimi product to, with the date you bought it (year and season is OK – ie Spring 1999).  Let us know the frequency of its use (daily? weekly? did you put it aside for 3 years?) and we will choose a winner based on the frequency of use and date it was purchased!

Winner will be chosen August 31st and will receive a free Mimi product of their choice (excluding tablecloths)!

Any questions?  Feel free to call us at 1 866 234 MIMI, or email

Good luck!

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We love this beautiful blog!

We were lucky enough to meet our photographer (and her adorable kid) through a recent photo contest.  Since then, we’ve been following her wonderful blog, Avery and Augustine.

Check out this recent lunchbug review that shows how much fits inside them as well as some adorable pictures!

Image by Michelle Sterling at Avery and Augustine blog

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Go Waste Free with Mimi the Sardine, Fabkins, and LunchBots!

Let’s start with the facts: The average school aged child generates an estimated 67 pounds of lunchbox waste per year. With on average 25 million children carrying lunch to school daily, that means 3.5 billion pounds of lunchbox garbage is generated each year in America.

We can shake the waste cycle! Mimi the Sardine has teamed up with Bay Area neighbors Fabkins and LunchBots to make the ultimate waste-free lunchkit, helping you keep paper napkins, plastic bags, and single-serving foods out of our oceans and landfills. Our kits include a lunchbug, 2 Fabkins napkins (organic cotton), and 2 stainless steel LunchBots (snack and sandwich sizes). This little kit is lightweight and features the eco-friendly lunch alternatives leading brands, and you save 25% by buying them as a kit!  Find them here.

  • Mimi the Sardine’s “Lunchbug” tote in cute, kid-friendly designs with organic fabric that is easy to clean: just wipe, or machine-wash and tumble dry on low. Equipped with a sturdy zipper and soft handles, children and adults alike fall in love with the fun and colorful patterns in eco-friendly and non-toxic fabric.
  • 2 Lunchbots’ stainless steel containers that are food-safe, eco-friendly, and durable. The LunchBots Uno is perfect for packing a sandwich, sushi, burrito or any favorite lunch entrée and the Lunchbots Pico is the ideal size for snacks and sides, including a handy divider for crackers and cheese, fruit and nuts, and more.
  • 2 cloth napkins from Fabkins in colorful, kid-friendly embroidered designs. Made of 100% certified organic cotton, Fabkins are perfectly sized for kids’ laps and lunchboxes, and include a sewn-in label with space to write your child’s name. Each napkin in this kit has a different design from the same theme.
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