And our winner!

“We have had our bag since your first San Francisco Art Show….and we are not sure when that was…12 years ago? [Mimi’s note: most likely from the mid-90s] My husband has used it every weekend since we bought it for his Farmer’s Market Produce…so it has been extremely tested with heavy large melons and big bags of oranges. It is in perfect condition!

5 years ago, I started a children’s theater and used the bag twice a week to bring snacks and carry supplies for the classes. I loved the diversity of the faces on the bag…especially since our students are mostly minority. They all noticed the bag and loved it…and of course identify it with healthy snacks and come running when I arrive to see what’s inside! Last year, I completely appropriated the bag from my husband since it is so much a part of the children’s theater I use it every day.”

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