Back to school Blog Mania deems Mimi the Sardine a hit!

Recently, we’ve gotten a flood of love from the blogging community, which is gearing up for back to school!

Our backpacks were called “the cutest backpack we’ve seen” in the 2010 EcoFabulous back-to-school guide.    BlogHer’s RookieMom said, “Cute patterns with eco-styling and details, the coated organic cotton backpacks from Mimi the Sardine are excellent for keeping lunches cool” in her “10 Great Backpacks for Back to School” post.

Our lunchbugs felt the love too, with DailyCandy dishing on our “adorable” waste-free lunchkit in their 12 School Lunche Boxes for Little Eaters postGagaGear says we’re “just the right size for your little one’s lunch or mobile snack.”  Beth picked our lunchbugs at VeryBloggy.  She commented on a phenomena in our homebase (where all our products are manufactured), the San Francisco Bay Area:

“At first I resisted the Mimi the Sardine Lunchbug because every single other kid in our neighborhood had one. I was hoping for something that would stick out in the crowd, for school purposes down the line. But, the more hunting and shopping and researching that I did, I figured out that every other parent was buying these bags because it turns out, they really are a great product.”

And last but not least, Tami luvs our lunchbugs on her blog too!

Good luck in your back-to-school gear hunting!

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2 Responses to Back to school Blog Mania deems Mimi the Sardine a hit!

  1. Beth in SF says:

    Thanks so much for the mention! I really do love these bags–so versatile and so cute!

  2. tami says:

    Yes my daughter loves carrying your lunch totes! Too cute!

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