Announcing our Long-lasting Promise Contest!

Hey Mimi fans,

We always take a coffee break at 11 am here at Mimi the Sardine, in the true Swedish tradition (CEO/founder/my mom is Swedish, and so is our fabric!).  We were talking about how long-lasting our products are – for instance, I work farmer’s markets, and see bags with 10-year-old prints still hauling flowers and fennel.  And so our latest contest was born!

We make a promise that our products are long-lasting, and wanted to prove that using our best source of testimonials and opinions – you!  The winner of this contest has the oldest Mimi product still in use.  We are trusting you to tell the truth.  Send in a photo of your Mimi product to, with the date you bought it (year and season is OK – ie Spring 1999).  Let us know the frequency of its use (daily? weekly? did you put it aside for 3 years?) and we will choose a winner based on the frequency of use and date it was purchased!

Winner will be chosen August 31st and will receive a free Mimi product of their choice (excluding tablecloths)!

Any questions?  Feel free to call us at 1 866 234 MIMI, or email

Good luck!

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